Korean Geumsan Ginseng Products

Korean Geumsan Ginseng Products

Geumhong is a brand of processed ginseng products that undergoes strict quality control according to facility standards and certified by the chief of Geumsan County in Korea. Korean ginseng products originate from the Goryeo Kingdom in the Middle Age. There are many of studies on Ginseng, among which Professor Hwand Wu-ik of Korea University, and RA. Wolsten Croft, et al from the British Rayne Laboratory, show that polyacethylen, and ingredient found in ginseng, is effetive in inhibiting tumor cells, improving immunity, prompting recovery from surgery, and relieving chemotherapy.

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Efficacy of Ginseng

Enhance Immunity

  • Relives fatigue and enhances immunity

Improve Memory

  • Ginseng is highly effective for brain functions, improving concentration and memory

Tonic Effect

  • Relieves physical or mental stress and fatigue and steps up resistance against diseases.

Effect on arteriosclerosis and diabetes

  • Improve blood circulation disorders or lipid metabolism, and stimulates epitheial cells within blood vessels that are closely involved with the hardening if arteries or thrombosis.

Effect on regulating blood sugar and diabetes

  • Ginseng is helpful in regulating blood sugar or diabetic conditions, especially when taken together with insulin therapy, dietary regimen or medication.

Anti-cancer effect

  • Inhibits tumor cells from invasion or matastasis, and relieves adverse effects from chemotherapy, and is also useful as an anti-cancer agent.

Effect on liver failure

  • Regenerates the liver from damage, recovering hepatic functions and improving early from hepatitis, or preventing the progress into chronic disease.

Effect on sexual disorder

  • Improve psychogenic impotence or sexual dysfunction

Effect on anemia and hematogenic organs

  • Stimulates the proliferation of bone marrow and stem cells and the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, improving the recovery from anemia or hematogenic disorders due to exposure to radioactivity.


  • Effective against aging, dementia, AIDS, or atopic dermatitis.